Thursday, 2 August 2012

MaryaaKualaLumpur Collection

Salam all and welcome! This entry is about my latest client which is MaryaaKualaLumpur and she wishes for me to shoot all of her collection. I must say, i love all of their collection! The jubah and baju kurung's are all from dubai and its all handmade or handstitched. Yup thats right, they sew the dresses one by one. Thats why its so high quality and pretty! Here's some of their collection, i'll leave a direct link to their blog at the end of this post. Have a look! ;)

So, do you like their collection? Leave a comment below and dont forget to share this blog with your friends or on your blog. Oh and here's the link i promised. The blog is not 100% complete yet so there's a few things they need to change but its all good! Anything about the dress, please dont hesitate to contact me. 
Peace! Salam. 

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