How to reach me?

If you are interested and need my service, please contact me via email , phone and also BBM etc. I will explain the rules and regulations a bit for you guys, a bit of introduction. When the client has picked me (muhammad uzair/ishootwhatilove) as their official photographer, i would prefer meeting up with the client face to face for a better discussion and explanation about the packages that i have provided. After the client has choosen which package that they desire, we would give you an invoice or receipt as a confirmation of service and deposit will be claimed first before the service of before the due date of wedding or and other event. Deposit's usually is half the price of the package example, if the package is RM3888 the deposit would be RM1944. If you are wondering why would ask for a big amount of deposit? Well the answer is that we would use the deposit money for printing the album's and also for our journey (tol, gas, etc) and after the album has finished printed, then we will ask for the complete payment which is the balance of the deposit. Deposit and money transaction's can be done by handing over cash by hand or by maybank2u cash deposit or transfer. The due date for the album's to complete from the date of the event will be 3 weeks or a month max. The album will be handover to the customer by hand. In our service, we priorities quality and customer satisfaction and we will guarantee that you'll be satisfied with our service because we are trained professional's with a qualification of Degree in photography. So would you hire an amateur photographer that would charge you cheap but the quality is crap and sometimes, they would run away after they have received the deposit or hire a professional photographer with tons of experience, has a receipt and invoice order, registered trademark, secure money transaction, quality control in every picture, professional trained in the field, complete equipment and a guaranteed satisfaction. Good things dont come cheap. A Ferrari is expensive for a reason and a kancil is cheap for a reason. Nuff said. Please inform me if you have send me an email for service reservation . Thank you.

TEL      : 0176528279 
BBM     : 22704FED

Also, if you have time please read this explanation about what photographer's do and why does it take so long for the album to print and delivered to the customer. This is important. Please respect professional photographer like me and others for we have the tittle "professional". Not a freelance photographer, not a part time photographer, not a hobby photographer but a professional. Click on the link and read it people. Thank you. Why does it take so long for your weeding album to be delivered? Your questions are answered . Click here

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