Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Terengganu Traditional River Boat Cruise Service

The boat cruise has been in existence since 1930's known locally as Bot Penambang Seberang Takir ferrying passengers across Terengganu River between Pasar Payang on the city side and village of Seberang Takir on the opposite bank.  During  its early service the cruise was merely performed by small boats called sampan powered by sail. Nowadays the cruise consists of twenty traditional boats powered by diesel engines. The Persatuan Bot Penambang Seberang Takir manage the entire 20 boats. The duration of the cruise takes about an hour return. Come and enjoy the trip, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain ! Come and experience the ROAR power of 22 horsepower diesel engine that you'll never forget!!

Where to board

Head to Shah Bandar Jetty located near Pasar Payang

Boat Fare

RM 60 per boat max capacity 12 persons

Destination of river cruise

  1. Taman Tamadun Islam http://www.tti.com.my/
  2. State Museum http://museum.terengganu.gov.my/
  3. Leisure cruise along both side of Terengganu River
Other attractions along the river include traditional boat making, ship yard, famous monsoon cup village resort etc.

Please visit their official Persatuan Penambang Bot Seberang Takir blog, http://traditionalterengganu.blogspot.com/

For inquires call "Pok Mail" 0139367630

Capitectures Photoshoot

Salam everyone, here's another entry about cooperate photoshoot that i had done with an Id Firm, Capitectures. I know you guys dont want to hear me babbling so here's the pictures. :P

The owner of Capitectures. 

If you're wondering, whats with the ladder, the yoga the chair and etc well, an Id firm is all about creativity so we wanted to make something creative rather than straight ugly pasport photo's that usually company's do. *opss ;P* So yeah, we created something unusual and the result are great. As long as the client is happy, im happy with it. Thats all for this entry, like always, for price packages please click on the submenu above. You can contact me via phone, email bb , telegram. Hope you like this post and keep up to date for more pictures, insyaAllah . :) 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Wedding album sample

So recently , i received many emails from people saying that they want to see a sample of my wedding album. Alhamdulillah this morning, i've received an album of my previous client so now, i can show to you guys a sample of my album. Here it is! ;)

There you go, thats a sample of my 15x11 inches large landscape  debossed center album with hard cover. This is my normal album which i will give in my package (please refer to the wedding package link below the header) .  The album is 40 pages, the arrangement of pictures you can refer to the pictures i have given above and one of my fav thing is, the printing quality is superb. Trust me, im a professional photographer and printing has always been an issue. We tend to search the best printing quality for our pictures so dont worry, the price you pay is worth it. :) Thats all for this post, for my price range of packages, please click at this link, Wedding packages and contact me if you need my service. Peace! Salam. 

Friday, 24 August 2012

Faces of the village

Salam everyone! First of all , i want to say SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my muslim and non-muslims friends. So sorry i didnt have the time to wish it earlier. :( Anywho, this raya i head back to my village, Terengganu. Im half Terengganu and Kedah. Its been a while since i've been to my village. After seeing my village now, not much has change i must say except for the new buildings and better roads. The second day of raya, i decided to go out, take my camera with my portrait lens and head out to the city and village to see how people celebrate their raya. Unfortunately, not all of us really enjoyed raya. Enough talking and let the images talk. Thats all i can say.

Be grateful with what you have now because some people are not lucky/simple life like you. Some of them had to work on the second day of raya to make a living. They cant afford to take a day off. When asked, "why arent you with your family? Isnt raya a special day for your family to get together and ask forgiveness?" They replied, " raya is just A special day. But my family are ALWAYS special to me. If i dont feed them, how will they live? I rather sacrifice raya for the happiness of my family. "Kalau kita ingat kita susah ingat, ada orang lagi susah dari kita. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Muhammad Idham & Nor Syazaleena Reception

For wedding packages price quotation, please click on the link provided and contact me if you need my service. Photographed by Muhammad Uzair.  Wedding packages price quotation

Muhammad Idham & Nor Syazaleena Solemnization

For wedding packages price quotation, please click on the link provided and contact me if you need my service. Photographed by Muhammad Uzair.  Wedding packages price quotation