Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Terengganu Traditional River Boat Cruise Service

The boat cruise has been in existence since 1930's known locally as Bot Penambang Seberang Takir ferrying passengers across Terengganu River between Pasar Payang on the city side and village of Seberang Takir on the opposite bank.  During  its early service the cruise was merely performed by small boats called sampan powered by sail. Nowadays the cruise consists of twenty traditional boats powered by diesel engines. The Persatuan Bot Penambang Seberang Takir manage the entire 20 boats. The duration of the cruise takes about an hour return. Come and enjoy the trip, you have nothing to lose but so much to gain ! Come and experience the ROAR power of 22 horsepower diesel engine that you'll never forget!!

Where to board

Head to Shah Bandar Jetty located near Pasar Payang

Boat Fare

RM 60 per boat max capacity 12 persons

Destination of river cruise

  1. Taman Tamadun Islam http://www.tti.com.my/
  2. State Museum http://museum.terengganu.gov.my/
  3. Leisure cruise along both side of Terengganu River
Other attractions along the river include traditional boat making, ship yard, famous monsoon cup village resort etc.

Please visit their official Persatuan Penambang Bot Seberang Takir blog, http://traditionalterengganu.blogspot.com/

For inquires call "Pok Mail" 0139367630

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