Monday, 22 April 2013

Sekolah Pondok Bustanul Ariffin.

Salam fellow readers, its been a while right? After receiving tons of emails and text messages, i've decided to find some spare time and update my blog. The past months, i was busy with my usual works, traveling here, traveling there. Meeting here, meeting there. It was a hectic month and its still is. Just for some general information, the hotel that i've been working on in Melaka which is The Quayside hotel is opening soon so be sure to get a room when they are opened later on to see my works in your hotel room ( lol ) . So yeah today i've decided to make an entry about my latest project that im working on with my fellow teammates, a documentary about Sekolah Pondok Bustanul Ariffin and their students.

I think most Malaysian's would know what is a Sekolah Pondok, its a special school which students there ranging from any age would go there to learn the ways to get closer and knowing Allah S.W.T by studying the Al-Quran and through story telling by their Ustaz and Sheikh. What makes this school different from other Sekolah Pondok's in Malaysia is that they don't teach how to read the Al-Quran in different Taranum's, instead they teach how to know Allah S.W.T, how to get closer to Our Creator and the proper way of life.

After interviewing some of the member and teachers of the school, i decided to walk around and get close with the students there. Since they were all male and most of them are still young, there were very playful but shy to meet us. It was hard to convince them not to run when i came closer but eventually, they came to me because they were curious about my camera so yeah. Success! 

I had the chance to interview one of the children studying there, i asked them how's life here, don't you miss your family? They answered, " Yes, i do miss my family but learning about my religion is also important and i want to make my family proud when i get back home later. " Even i am proud the children there, nuff said.  After that, i walked around, looking at their rooms and activities. We reached the school quite early so the children's there are mostly still sleeping and some of them are chilling around the block observing us. Some are very confident to stand in front of my camera while some are shy. 

There's nothing much that i can say but, wait for our documentary video soon. It was a great experience  knowing these children's even though some of them were shy but, its in their nature to be shy. I made some friends there with the kids and i will be going there again soon. Hope you guys like this entry and always, leave a comment below about it. Salam. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tweed Run

Hye there people, im back. Miss me? Okay cut the crap, as i promised in my last entry, i would upload the pictures of the latest photoshot the Tweed Run. I really don't know what more to type so lets just enjoy the pictures shall we. Oh and by the way, if some of you guys still don't know what is Tweed Run, be sure to google. We're starting a new trend here and i hope people would love it and join us the next time. 

Yup so there it is. Like usual, leave a comment below and tell me about this photoshot wether you liked it or not. Oh and before i forget, next week i'll be off to somewhere for a very long time and i won't be updating any new pictures as the place does not have internet. So until next time. Salam. 

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tweed Run Teaser!

Yup, you heard it right, Tweed Run! For those who don't know about Tweed Run, you could always ask mister google about it or even misses youtube. As the tittle says, i'll just upload some teaser's and hopefully you guys wait patiently aight.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Its been a while

Hey there people. Its been a while since i've updated anything on my blog and sorry for that. Had many stuff to do in this year and Alhamdulillah, everything is going smoothly. Also, recently i've created my own website ( yay me! ) for people, clients or anybody to view most of my portfolio in a more organized manner. I'll leave the link below later on. So lets talk about my projects recently shall we. Well, i had the regular portrait and fashion photoshot that was recently held in Shah Alam and also other places. I also bought this great great local clothing line t-shirt called " Sultan " that was originally created by the famous rapper, Altimet. I bought it at SSCS ( super sunday concept store ) near the bukit bintang monorail. Try check that out, they have other local clothing line aswell such as Kayu clothing, Kuku Besi Manipulasi, Harimau Malaya, Sultan and of course, Super Sunday. Okay, other than that, my recent photoshot was with an local clothing line also, but their focus was more on the mens clothing, suits and street wear. The clothing line is called " The Garment " and is created by Wak Doyok and also Mile Zahari. Im not suppose to upload the pictures by i'll just post some of the teaser just to tease you guys *evil laugh* . 

Okay, that's all i can upload for now. If you want more, you have to wait for their launching which is probably two weeks from now. haha. Okay, lets put that aside. Other than The Garmnent, my latest project is with a hotel in Melaka, Quayside Hotel Melaka. I was assigned to shot something that resembles Melaka and my pictures will be hung up in every single room in the hotel. Pretty cool huh. But its a tiring job coz I'm doing all this by my own. Its about time for me to search for some crew. All the camera equipment is just to heavy for one man to carry. So yeah, that's just about it. There's plenty of more photoshot that i've done by I'm to lazy to upload em' now. Maybe later i'll make a full post about it. Hope you enjoy this post, and share it if you like. Salam. Have a nice day.