Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Its been a while

Hey there people. Its been a while since i've updated anything on my blog and sorry for that. Had many stuff to do in this year and Alhamdulillah, everything is going smoothly. Also, recently i've created my own website ( yay me! ) for people, clients or anybody to view most of my portfolio in a more organized manner. I'll leave the link below later on. So lets talk about my projects recently shall we. Well, i had the regular portrait and fashion photoshot that was recently held in Shah Alam and also other places. I also bought this great great local clothing line t-shirt called " Sultan " that was originally created by the famous rapper, Altimet. I bought it at SSCS ( super sunday concept store ) near the bukit bintang monorail. Try check that out, they have other local clothing line aswell such as Kayu clothing, Kuku Besi Manipulasi, Harimau Malaya, Sultan and of course, Super Sunday. Okay, other than that, my recent photoshot was with an local clothing line also, but their focus was more on the mens clothing, suits and street wear. The clothing line is called " The Garment " and is created by Wak Doyok and also Mile Zahari. Im not suppose to upload the pictures by i'll just post some of the teaser just to tease you guys *evil laugh* . 

Okay, that's all i can upload for now. If you want more, you have to wait for their launching which is probably two weeks from now. haha. Okay, lets put that aside. Other than The Garmnent, my latest project is with a hotel in Melaka, Quayside Hotel Melaka. I was assigned to shot something that resembles Melaka and my pictures will be hung up in every single room in the hotel. Pretty cool huh. But its a tiring job coz I'm doing all this by my own. Its about time for me to search for some crew. All the camera equipment is just to heavy for one man to carry. So yeah, that's just about it. There's plenty of more photoshot that i've done by I'm to lazy to upload em' now. Maybe later i'll make a full post about it. Hope you enjoy this post, and share it if you like. Salam. Have a nice day. uzairismail.wix.com/ishootwhatilove


  1. Cool photos of Wak Doyok and The Garment's gear.... And nice to know you...

    1. My pleasure amran. Nice to know someone is reading my blog's post :D

  2. Are you using a DSLR Camera for the photos? If yes, mind sharing the settings? Thanks

  3. i know that place,izit somewhere in klang rite? :)