Thursday, 3 January 2013


Years to months, months to weeks, weeks to days, days to hours, hours to seconds. An old acquaintance of mine once said, the best teachers all time is our past. Learn and change for better good. 2012 left us with a surprise. Running errands here and there makes us unaware of time. Now its 2013. How time flies. What 2012 taught me is , people are different. Each individual has their own identity, trademarks, with their own specialty. I've met many fresh, young, talent people in 2012. Loads of them. Bit by bit, they influence me and i hope i've influenced them too. Some are positive , some negative. 

In the past, i was a very shy person. Didn't talk much, didn't ask much and never seem to cared much. When i do things, i just do. Ignoring people surrounding me. What people say, let them be. It dosen't matter. I was in my own world. Only people who are close to me could only understand. But slowly, i began to open myself. Random chatting with people, becoming more friendly but i learned, being nice to people has limitation. Some people just want to watch the world burn. They kill kindness with stupidity. They act like stupidity is a act of cuteness. I wonder, how can they live knowing that they are doing something stupid? Which is obviously wrong. Pardon my words but thats reality. 

2012 was the year of struggling. I've faced many challenges; academically, mentally, and spiritually. In the fight to survive, i relise, being yourself is the number one priority. Be original, be unique, dont be something common. Become something rare. People may say its a waste of time, your not going to get benefit from this, your to young. Be true to yourself because only you yourself know your limitations and how far you can go. Kill us with words, kill them with proof. The road may be bumpy, but fight it. Face the challenges, accept the challenge, and claim the reward. The starting would be bitter as hell but in the end, your just eating the sweetest candy in the world.  

All things living, one day will die. That's the nature of things. Not one soul/being can escape death. Death teaches us to be prepared 24/7. Can you predict death? If you die, what would people remember you for? What legacy did you leave behind? I think about that every single day. Enough fooling around and make something useful, be something, be someone. Time is something that we cant see. Time is something that is beyond our reach. Can we stop time? Can we even see time passes by? If Allah S.W.T gaves us the ability to see time pass by, how scared would you be. You posses the ability to see time pass , but not the strength to stop it nor to slow it down even a bit. What is done , would not be forgotten. 

Life is something that is full with surprises. Sometimes it brings happiness, sometimes it brings sadness. Some are colourful, some are mono. Design your life how you want it. Plan ahead. Make changes, change for the better good. Good things wont last forever but the path leading to happiness, is always colourful. 

2013, here i come.

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