Monday, 17 December 2012

Fraser's Hill Trip

Salam. The past three days, i went on a trip to Fraser's Hill. Even though it wasn't a relaxing trip, but i had a great time walking around taking some photographs and enjoying the cool breeze. It was really-really cooled there at night. The temperature at night was 4 degrees Celsius! So now im back in Shah Alam, back to my daily routines, classes and work but, i want to share my pictures with you guys.

Dizzy bus ride to the top.
  We started our trip early in the morning, we rode a bus and yes it was dizzy like hell. The road was winding and winding curving and curving up and down sideways plus the hump through out the road, it was a dizzy and sickening bus ride. Didn't say much, i just stayed near to the window and hoping to reach the destination quickly. Unfortunately, it didn't end quick. After all the rides, throw ups and everything ( i didnt throw up ) we reach our destination. We stayed at Silver Park Resort apartments and the room was generously good, i got the fifth floor apartment and this is the view from my apartment.

Breath taking view from my apartment.
Even though it was foggy all the time, i managed to capture this photograph before the fog came. The coldness too. After we checked in, kept our bags, we head to the cafe for some hot coffee and lunch. That hot coffee really hit the spot, warmed up our stomach and gave us warmth to explore Fraser's Hill.

Fad enjoying the hot coffee on a cold evening. 
So we went around, took some pictures with friends around the block, but the fog was really heavy, barely visible. Even seeing something ahead of us was difficult. But what my eyes couldn't see, my camera can. So i continued taking some photographs in the heavy fog and continued to walk around.

Some heavy fog. 
i just love taking random photographs. 
Really love the mailbox surrounded by the greens.  

My Professer , Prof Mustaffa Halabi. 

Some attempts to do macro shots. 

Twilight photographer .
Thats some of the photograph i took while i was at Fraser's . I'll try to upload more in the mean time, if im not busy with work. That trip really cleared my mind but i didn't relax much, i walked a lot and im still exhausted until now. Really looking forward for the next upcoming trip. Where to, im not certain but insyaAllah, ada rezeki i'll travel again. Goodnight.

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