Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tweed Run

Hye there people, im back. Miss me? Okay cut the crap, as i promised in my last entry, i would upload the pictures of the latest photoshot the Tweed Run. I really don't know what more to type so lets just enjoy the pictures shall we. Oh and by the way, if some of you guys still don't know what is Tweed Run, be sure to google. We're starting a new trend here and i hope people would love it and join us the next time. 

Yup so there it is. Like usual, leave a comment below and tell me about this photoshot wether you liked it or not. Oh and before i forget, next week i'll be off to somewhere for a very long time and i won't be updating any new pictures as the place does not have internet. So until next time. Salam. 

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