Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Capitectures Photoshoot

Salam everyone, here's another entry about cooperate photoshoot that i had done with an Id Firm, Capitectures. I know you guys dont want to hear me babbling so here's the pictures. :P

The owner of Capitectures. 

If you're wondering, whats with the ladder, the yoga the chair and etc well, an Id firm is all about creativity so we wanted to make something creative rather than straight ugly pasport photo's that usually company's do. *opss ;P* So yeah, we created something unusual and the result are great. As long as the client is happy, im happy with it. Thats all for this entry, like always, for price packages please click on the submenu above. You can contact me via phone, email bb , telegram. Hope you like this post and keep up to date for more pictures, insyaAllah . :) 

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