Sunday, 26 August 2012

Wedding album sample

So recently , i received many emails from people saying that they want to see a sample of my wedding album. Alhamdulillah this morning, i've received an album of my previous client so now, i can show to you guys a sample of my album. Here it is! ;)

There you go, thats a sample of my 15x11 inches large landscape  debossed center album with hard cover. This is my normal album which i will give in my package (please refer to the wedding package link below the header) .  The album is 40 pages, the arrangement of pictures you can refer to the pictures i have given above and one of my fav thing is, the printing quality is superb. Trust me, im a professional photographer and printing has always been an issue. We tend to search the best printing quality for our pictures so dont worry, the price you pay is worth it. :) Thats all for this post, for my price range of packages, please click at this link, Wedding packages and contact me if you need my service. Peace! Salam. 

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