Saturday, 27 October 2012


Salam. Its been a while since i've write and published a new post. The reason for my long silence is that i got a new upgrade recently and been very busy with classes, work, family, u name it. Oh and it was my birthday so yeayy me! lol. So as we all know, Hari Raya Haji Aidil Adha just passed and as usual , there will be the ceremony of Qurban. I think i dont have to tell you detailed about the ceremony, but the thing that i would like to stress out is that, the way they treat the animal for Qurban . I pity the animal, the way they treat them. Please treat animal with respect, they have feelings too. What if someone cut off the throat of your family members in front of you, how would you feel? Yes it is the claim of Islam but please, handle the animal with care and respect. Nuff said, here's the pictures.

Yea so there's the picture. You make your own judgement wether they treat the animal with respect, harmless or not. Its a shame that our people, Islam people do these kind of things to animals. I mean, by knowing our religion, we should treat the animals far more better than this. Such an eyesore event.


  1. It is not right to say it is a shame. There is a reason to everything that Islam taught us to. But the way you're explaining here is somewhat degrading Islam itself, which is not right either.

    One of the 'rules' when having a qurban is to NOT slaughter in front of other slaugther animals. I was not there, hence I do not know how bad they handled these animals.

    While they do have feelings, Islam's teaching is better in the sense that we practice to 'kill' them in a way that won't hurt them (by cutting the right vein that would kill them instantly). Imagine all the other non-muslim slaughter house that would just chop them off without having this in mind.

    Just a reminder. And to feel pity on these animals for being slaughtered.. Might as well turn vegan, no? :)

    1. Dear friend,

      i think u have misinterpreted what i have just return. I have no interest in degrading Islam as i am a muslim myself. What i am expressing is my expression referring to the event that i have witness. Through out my years of living, i've witnessed many qurban but this year i dislike the most.

      Thank you for your concern, but just to make things clear, i am not degrading, i am simply expressing my expression through writing ( which all novelist or writer would do ) and i am not pointing fingers to anyone. For example, please view this video and hopefully you'll understand my message . Salam :)