Thursday, 9 August 2012

Photoshoot with Ray

Salam people, today's entry is a bit different, before this i never uploaded a male model photoshoot but today i have one for you guys. This talent was a friend of mine and he's a chef. hahaha. We did try something new and rather than pose here pose there we did a settled style pose. Oh and during our photoshoot, we had a crowd watching us so it was kinda awkward. I hate long post so here u go. ;)

Things i do to get the perfect shot 

So there it is, how bout it? Leave a comment below, rate it, share it if you liked it. And try guessing what concept did we tried to copy, if you can figure it out. :P Peace! Salam. 


  1. nais gak....tapi maya karin sebelom ni lagi terbaikk!

    rerajin singgah2 la sini :)

    1. Thanks bro! :D bole2, no problem. kalau singgah dpt duit raya x? hehe