Thursday, 2 August 2012

Photoshoot with Risa

Salam people, how ya'all doin. This entry, i decided to go outside from Shah Alam and for that, we went to morib which i believe its in Banting isit? Im not good with remembering places. huhu. Anywho, yea we decided to a bit far this time because we wanted something new and the model (which is Risa) is from the philippines, imported model. hahaha XD Oh and its was raining heavily that day, we waited for the rain to stop but the clouds wont help us so we just shoot in the rain. So here it is!

So what do ya think? Leave a comment below and tell me bout it. For photographers searching for a place to shoot that has a shore and many dead tress, i strongly suggest for you to go here, Morib. Its a wonderful place to be and the view there is just mind clamming. Be sure to google map the directions first before going coz its kinda tricky to reach. As always , u can click on the image for a better and enlarge view of the photo. Peace! Salam . 

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